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Zionist Mythology, and the "Crimes" of Hellas!

Dr. Michael Matsas

Ravaged by the vicious and unending propaganda, most people have succumbed to the Zionist lies that the Jewish people have been victimized by just about every ethnic group! In their attempt to instill that belief in the Hellenic nation, they have launched a campaign of book publications and "memorial" raisings in Hellas and abroad.

The Holocaust Museum in the United States had an exhibit on the Jewish "experience" in war-torn World War II Hellas. Authors like Stanford Shaw (Greeks and Jews during WWII), Fred Reed (Salonica Terminus), and Anastasia Karakasidou (Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood) present a negative view of Hellenic actions during the Second World War. On top of creating this myth of "ancient" Jewish communities in Hellenic lands like Thessaloniki and Rhodes, they are also propagating the lie of Hellenic collaboration with Nazis and their "final solution".

Perhaps more "tame" in his accusations is Dr. Michael Matsas (dentist). In his new book "The Illusion of Safety : The Story of the Greek Jews During the Second World War", published by Pella Publishing Company, he gives an account of his experiences during the war (as a child), and the conclusions he has drawn from them.

In Dr. Matsas book presentation, conducted on Thursday January 22 at Hunter College in New York City (which was attended by the editor of the Hellenic Nationalist Page), more such propaganda was (attempted to be) introduced. Presenter at the event was Jim Koutroulakis, and "guest speaker" Steve Boweman. Mr. Boweman is a Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati (who will soon release his work on the "Jews of Byzantium").

Dr. Matsas contended that out of the "77,000 Jews" in Hellas prior to WWII, 65,000 of them fell casualties to the acts of Germans and Hellene collaborators ("thousands of Greek traitors" as he stated). When asked about the role of the Bulgarians and Italians, he asserted that they harmed no Jews. Dr. Matsas went on to say that had the allies informed the Jews of the acts of the Nazis ("holocaust"), they could have fled to the Italian and Bulgarian occupation zones in Hellas to seek protection!

Proof used for his assumptions was the "fact" that Jews in Bulgaria were not sent off to concentration camps, and that Jews that sought protection at the Italian consulate in Thessaloniki were aided. When confronted to answer why the Jews of Thessaloniki refused to declare themselves "Bulgars" (and thus avoid being sent to concentration camps) when asked by the Bulgarian administration, he stated that they were "proud Hellenes"! To that the editor of this page responded with "How proud could they have been if they were Hellenic citizens for less than a generation?"

The pleasant surprise was that out of the 50 people in the room, half were Hellenic patriots there to rebuff any attempt at anti-Hellenic propaganda! When one individual suggested that the Christian community of Hellas was "historically anti-Semitic", a Hellenic patriot rouse to describe his father's actions to smuggle and protect Jews in occupied Hellas.

This is the thanks and gratitude we receive for aiding the Jewish community in their time of need (as if we didn't need it ourselves), and for the memorials we create for them. While a memorial exists in Thessaloniki for the "65,000" Helladic Jews that died during the war, where is the memorial for the 600,000 Christian Orthodox Hellenes who died at the hands of the Italians, Germans, and Bulgarians? Where is the memorial for the hundreds of thousands of Pontian Hellenes (in a city largely populated by their descendents) that died at the hands of the Turks?

The only way for the Nation to survive is by honoring and commemorating the women and men that gave their lives for our country. Not by "honoring" our dubious "friends".



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