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U.S. Government Takes Another Stab at Hellenism

The seal of the US Department of State.

On March 6th of this year, the U.S. State Department released its 1995 country reports on "Human Rights Practices". With great anticipation, politicians around the world (with "ours" being first in line) awaited to see the "report card" handed out to them by their master.

I will not spend (waste) your time pointing out the hypocrisy of having a country like the US commenting and judging the actions of the Hellenic government or Hellas' security forces. I believe that the US should spend her resources more wisely by locating and solving issues of concern on her soil.

But let us now focus on the parts of the report(s) that vindicate the positions expressed previously on the Hellenic Nationalist Page.

Not less than a month ago, we reported on the "ethnic cleansing" of the Hellenic community of Northern Epirus, by the CIA. Today, we have information that implicates the US State Department, and thus the entire US government.

Under the 1995 Country Report for Albania, the "National/Racial/Ethnic" composition of Albania consists of 80,000 "ethnic Greeks". Compared to the national population of 3,413,904 (CIA 1995 estimate), the Hellenes of Northern Epirus represent 2.3% of Albania's population! This figure is even lower than the one reported by the CIA for this year, and definitely lower than the 8% reported in 1993.

Although the Department of State seems to have a problem accounting for the ethnic Hellenes ("Greeks"), it seems to have no problem locating "ethnic Macedonians". If this is not yet another confirmation that the lifting of the Hellenic embargo against the Skopje regime created a de facto recognition of FYROM as "Macedonia", then I don't know what is.

Speaking of FYROM, it should be noted that according to the State Department (meaning US, and of course including the Athens and Skopje governments), there are no ethnic Hellenes in (what is referred to only by Hellas as) FYROM. I should mention that all Macedonian organizations and societies around the world have demanded that the Hellenic government recognize and protect the Hellenes in FYROM.

I must admit that the greatest surprise in all of these reports was the opening paragraph for the Country Report on Cyprus. "Cyprus has been divided since the Turkish military intervention of 1974, following a coup d'etat directed from Greece". If this is what our "friends" have to say about the issue, I hate to see the outcome of any US-led negotiations to bring "peace" to the island. Reading the report one gets the impression that both "authorities" on the island are viewed as equals. It seems that U.N. resolutions matter little when the "mighty" State Department releases its reports.

It is about time the Hellenic people recognized the betrayal of the Hellenic governments. We should not "lift" our embargo (against FYROM or anyone else), when the U.S. holds one against Cuba for three decades, or when Turkey holds one against Armenia. We should not sit at a negotiating table, when the people "running" it are directly responsible for the Cyprus invasion of 1974, and the continued military build-up and aggression of Turkey. We will only succeed when we put Hellas first!



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