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CIA "Cleanses" Hellenic Minority in Northern Epirus

Portion from a map of ethnic minorities in Eastern Europe, as published by the US CIA.

If one thought that ethnic cleansing was accomplished with barbaric violent means (as was the case in 1923, 1955, 1974 etc.), then one should spend the time to focus and learn about the current situation Hellenes of Northern Epirus are living through.

After years of pressure from the European Union and the United States, the past two Hellenic administrations followed a policy of "approachment" towards the Albanian side. Of course, such an approachment would find a great stumbling block - the human rights violations against the Hellenes in Northern Epirus.

Northern Epirus (although still in foreign hands), was liberated twice this century alone by Hellenic forces. The existence of this huge Hellenic community (ranging in excess of well over 200,000), is now being disputed by the Albanian government, the CIA, and even the Hellenic government!

As far as the Albanian government is concerned, their actions surprise no-one. Their dreams of a "Greater Albania", which would include areas of Vardaria ("FYROM") and Kossovo, would be greatly faltered if they faced insurrections or ethnic tensions in the south.

The Hellenic government instead of protecting the ethnic Hellenes currently in Albania, it has turned a blind eye to their hardships and suffering. Instead of aiding their fight for more rights and even autonomy, it has aided the Albanian government in arresting and detaining dissidents of that oppressive system.

In an interesting development, the Hellenic Nationalist Page has discovered publications and images by US government agencies (CIA), that are aiding in the elimination of the Hellenes of Northern Epirus.

On the CIA's server, and under the Albanian country report for 1993, one can see an 8% Greek minority under ethnic divisions. Under the same report but for 1995, the Greek minority is listed as constituting only 3% of the population!

If the information presented by the CIA is in fact true, where did that 5% of Albania's population go? We are talking about a mass "migration" (ethnic cleansing) of about 170,000 people!

The CIA report also makes note that 20% of Albania's population follows the Greek Orthodox faith (both in 1993 and 1995). If 5% of the Albanian population (ethnic Hellenes) "disappeared", and going under the assumption that the vast majority of the Hellenes are Orthodox, how come the percent of Orthodox believers didn't change? Did 170,000 Muslim, catholic, and atheist ethnic Albanians convert?

But no, the answer is quite simple. In both reports (as well as the one for 1992), under ethnic divisions it clearly states that it is an estimate made in 1989. Do 1989 estimates change every few years? Or is it that the US government (just like the Albanian and Hellenic) are trying to make the Hellenic minority "disappear"?

Another interesting document discovered was a "detailed" map of the ethnic groups in Eastern Europe. As one can see from the section of the map included in this report, the Hellenic minority is but a "small" one; one comparable to the Turkish minority in FYROM!! We are not making this up people! The maps are there for you to see with your own eyes.

An interesting point in the map is that in which the CIA takes the time to note that Vardaria is called FYROM (marking it with an asterisk), while at the same time calling the ethnic group that lives in the country Macedonians (no Slav or any such junk preceding it). As reported last year by the Hellenic Nationalist Page, even US President Clinton recognizes a "Macedonian" nation (of people). But I'm sure the Hellenic government has an excuse for that as well...

What a shame and what hypocrisy. When a Hellenic pilot flies a crop-duster over Northern Epirus to focus some public attention on the oppressed Hellenes there, he is treated like a criminal. When a Turk violates our FIR, our air space, our territorial waters, over-flies one of our islands, and then crashes in our sea, we treat him like a welcomed diplomat! These are the people that govern us.



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