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News: 1996 Index

Hellenic News Updates of 1996

Welcome to the Hellenic Nationalist Page's News Updates of 1996.

The information provided here comes from direct information/interviews, or from various publications. We would also appreciate any assistance in materials (document and image files), that could be of benefit to this page.

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bullet.gif (107 bytes)Frost & Sullivan Predict "Dictatorship"

bullet.gif (107 bytes)CIA "Cleanses" Hellenic Minority in Northern Epirus

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Treason in the Aegean

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Where Korea Leads Hellas

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Turks of Bulgaria Join Attila

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Turkey Threatens International Press Agencies

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Spies Roam Free in the Aegean

bullet.gif (107 bytes)U.S. Government Takes Another Stab at Hellenism

bullet.gif (107 bytes)President Stephanopoulos Ignores the Elimination of Hellenic Minority

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Hellas Signs Away Rights of Northern Epirot Hellenes

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Jews Crucify Jesus for yet a Second Time

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Zionists and Mongols - Butchers of Hellenism

bullet.gif (107 bytes)U.S. Congress Probes Human Rights in Liberated Thrace

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Imia and the "Gray Area" of the Aegean

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Why British Beef is Worth More than Macedonia, Thrace, Cyprus, and the Aegean Combined...

bullet.gif (107 bytes)Words and Names that Matter


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