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Barbarians at Europe's Door: Turks

Information on Turkish Butchery


Modern Turkish Family

Barbarians at Europe's Door!

   Man's greatest joy is to slay his enemy,
   plunder his riches, ride his steeds, see
   the tears of his loved  ones and embrace
   his women.
   -- Genghis Khan {Father of all Turks.}

The Mongoloid Turks and their human rights abuses.

Mongol Lineage of the Turks

Oppression of Hellenes in Turkey

Torture Practices of the Turkish State

Racist Practices in Turkey

The Turkish Crimes of Our Century

Turkish Violations

Turkish Crimes of Our Century

ABUSES: Arm Sales To Turkey

ABUSES: Turkish Media in Dark

ABUSES: Systematic Violations of Human Rights

ABUSES: A Letter to Ciller

ABUSES: A Letter to Clinton

ABUSES: A Policy of Denial

ABUSES: Protest for Disappearances

ABUSES: Torture of Children

ABUSES: Turkey Should Honor Geneva Convention

ABUSES: Virginity Control of Women in Turkey

Amnestry International Logo

Amnesty International Reports

A policy of denial.

Mothers of "disappeared" take action.

Torture of 13-year-old in Constantinople.

Recommendations for action to combat systematic violations of human rights.

Time for action.

More people "disappear" following detention.

Selective Protection: Discriminatory treatment of non-European refugees and asylum-seekers.

Dissident voices jailed again.

Amnesty International's concern's in Turkey.

Amnesty International's position on asylum seekers from Turkey.

Possible imminent resumption of executions.

Recep Marasli.

Medical concern.

Human rights defenders at risk.

Kurdish politicians in danger of extrajudicial execution.


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