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Hellenic Armed Forces: Navy

Hellenic Navy Kortenaer and Knox Class Frigates.

The Hellenic Navy


Type 209 - 1100 and 1200

Hellas was the first country to order this type of submarine from HDW of Germany, and the first batch of these submarines entered service in 1971. In 1989 it was decided to perform a major upgrade to these vital units of our navy, and they now have the most advanced electronics in their class, as well as the ability to use anti-ship missiles while submerged.

Type 209 - 1100 : S110 Glavkos, S111 Nereus, S112 Triton, S113 Proteus

Type 209 - 1200 : S116 Poseidon, S117 Amfrititi, S118 Okeanos, S119 Pontos


Kortenaer - Elli Class

The Kortenaer entered service in 1981, only a year after it was ordered from Royal Schelde of Holland. Two ships of this class also served in the Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Ships : F450 Elli, F451 Limnos, F459 Adrias, F460 Aegeon, F461 Navarino, F462 Kountouriotis, F463 Bouboulina

Meko 200 HN - Ydra Class

The first Meko 200 class frigate was built in Germany and entered service in 1992. The remaining three ships were built in Hellas.

Ships : F452 Ydra, F453 Spetsai, F454 Psara, F455 Salamis


Knox - Epirus Class

The Knox class frigates entered Hellenic Navy service in 1992, after a period of service with the United States Navy. All ships were initially acquired through a leasing agreement, to replace older ships in the ASW role. The Makedonia (F458) and Thraki (F457) have been decommissioned and act as reserves (D1). Epirus (F456) will soon follow. 

Ships : F456 Epiros, F457 Thraki, F458 Makedonia


Adams - Kimon Class

The Adams class destroyers are currently the only ships in the Hellenic Navy  with the ability to carry the SM-1 missile. This missile of course is a very powerful weapon system that provides added range to the anti-aircraft 'umbrella' around a fleet. On February 18, 2002 the Themistocles (D221) was decommissioned.

Ships : D218 Kimon, D219 Nearchos, D220 Formion, D221 Themistocles

Torpedo-Missile Boats

Combattante IIIB, III, II and Type 148

The Combattante class were the first missile boats to enter service in the Hellenic Navy, as well as the first missile boats Hellas has ever constructed. All the ships of the three classes (II, III, IIIB) have both missile and torpedo capabilities, which give these ships the name 'Torpillopyraulakati'. The Antipliarchos Kostakos (P25) sank on Nov. 4 1996 when it was struck by the Samaina passanger ferry, killing 4. The ships of the Combattante II class were originally given different names. A few of the older Combattante II boats could be offered to Cyprus.

Combattante IIIB : P24 Simaiforos Kavalouthis, P26 Ipopliarchos Deyiannis, P27 Simaiforos Xenos, P28 Simaiforos Simitzopoulos, P29 Simaiforos Starakis

Combattante III : P20 Antipliarchos Lascos, P21 Antipliarchos Blessas, P22 Antipliarchos Troupakis, P23 Antipliarchos Mykonios

Combattante II : P14 Ipopliarchos Anninos, P15 Ipopliarchos Arliotis, P16 Ipopliarchos Konidis, P17 Ipopliarchos Batsis

Type 148 : P72 Simaiforos Votsis, P73 Antipliarchos Pezopoulos, P74 Plotarhis Vlahavas, P75 Plotarhis Maridhakis, P76 Tournas, P77 Sakipis 

Gun Boats

HSY 56 - Pyrpolitis

The Pyrpolitis is of Hellenic design and construction, and has the abilities present, up to a few years ago, only in much larger ships. The number and weapon systems carried by these ships are planned to be increased, in an effort to provide greater flexibility to the Hellenic Navy. Additional vessels are currently on order with the Hellenic Shipyards.

Ships : P57 Pyrpolitis, P58 Polemistis

Osprey 55 - Armatolos

The Armatolos craft were built in Hellas and delivered to the Navy in 1990. The design is based on the Osprey 55 model.

Ships : P18 Armatolos, P19 Navmahos

Ashville - Ormi

These ships were acquired from the United States Navy, there classified as missile patrol boats, in 1989. The ships have had their gas turbine engines removed prior to delivery.

Ships : P229 Ormi, P230 Tolmi

Thetis - Niki

The Thetis class ships are tasked with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) duties. Having originally served in the German Navy, they entered Hellenic service in the early 1990's.

Ships : P62 Niki, P63 Doxa, P64 Eleftheria, P65 Karteria, P66 Agon

Patrol Boats

Kelefstis Stamou

The Kelefstis Stamou ships are French-built. They were ordered by Cyprus, but delivered to the Hellenic Navy in 1975.

Ships : P286 Kelefstis Stamou, P287 Diopos Antoniou

NASTY - Andromeda

These former torpedo boats received new engines in 1988. The Hellenic Navy currently uses them as patrol boats.

Ships : P196 Andromeda, P198 Kyknos, P199 Pegasus, P288 Toxotis


Type 141 Jaguar - Esperos

These Torpedo Boats entered Hellenic Navy service in the 1970's. Although they still possess their lethal torpedoes, they serve today as patrol boats.

Ships : P50 Esperos, P53 Kyklon, P54 Lailaps, P56 Tyfon

Mine Countermeasure Vessels


The Hunt class vessels entered Hellenic Navy service following some years of service in the Royal Navy. They were constructed by Vosper Thornycroft, and acquired as incentives for the purchase of FAC's from the same shipyard.

Ships : M62 Europe, M63 Kallisto 


Adjutant vessels in Hellenic Navy service fall under two categories based on their configuration: Minesweepers and Minehunters. All minesweepers with the exception of Thalia (M210) have been withdrawn from service.

Minesweeping Vessels : M202 Atalanti,  M205 Antiopi, M206 Fedra, M210 Thalia, M254 Niovi

Minehunting Vessels : M60 Erato,  M61 Euniki


The ships of this class were built by Peterson Builders in the 1960's. In the first half of the 1990's they acquired new engines from General Motors. The Egli (M246) has been decommissioned.

Ships : M211 Alkyon, M213 Kleio, M214 Avra, M240 Pleias, M241 Kilxi, M242 Kissa,  M246 Egli, M247 Dafni, M248 Aedon

Amphibious Ships



The Jason class medium landing ships were designed and constructed in Hellas to replace aging ex-USN ships from World War II.

Ships : L173 Chios, L174 Samos, L175 Ikaria, L176 Lesvos, L177 Rodos

ZUBR - Kefallinia

The Project 1232.2 Zubr (or Pomornik class) hovercraft were acquired by the Hellenic navy to facilitate the rapid deployment on troops and equipment throughout the Aegean. An additional 4 may be purchased.

Ships : L180 Kefallinia, L181 Ithaki, L182 Kerkyra, L183 Zakynthos

Naval Aviation

P-3 B Orion 

The P-3B Orion is operated by 353 MNAS/???S at the Air Force's 112 Fighter Wing, but is considered an asset of the Navy. This aircraft's primary mission is to seek out and destroy enemy submarines.

Manufacturer  : Lockheed (LM) 
Country of Origin  : USA
Length : 35.56 m
Wingspan  : 29.9 m
Height : 10.26 m
Weight Max T/O : 62,892 kg
Maximum Speed : 745 km/h
Powerplant : 4x Allison T-56-A-14 Turboprops
Max. Operational Alt.  : 9,000 m
Mission Endurance  : 10-12 hours typical; Maximum 14

S-70 B-6 Aegean Hawk

The S-70 is the most advanced naval helicopter in the world. These helicopters were purchased for use with the Meko 200HN frigates and new fleet additions. They have the capability of launching Penguin anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes and other anti-submarine ordinance.

Agusta Bell AB-212 EW/ASW

The AB-212 currently serves the Navy in both Electronic Warfare (EW), as well as Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) versions. This rotorcraft has proven to be very reliable, even in the violent weather conditions that occur in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Allouette III

The Allouette III is the smallest helicopter in the fleet, and is used to train the Hellenic Navy's new helicopter pilots.

Coastal Missile Battery Systems

MM-40 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile

The Exocet is a French-made anti-ship missile that has been used successfully in real combat situations. In the Hellenic Armed Forces it is deployed on land, sea, and air.



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