The Holy Bible on Makedon Issue

[ The following has been taken from the Authorized (King James) ]
[ Version of the New Testament,  which has been translated  out ]
[ of the  Original  Tongues  and  with the  Former Translations ]
[ diligently compared.                                          ]

                   T H E S S A L O N I A N S

1:7  So that ye were ensamples to all that believe in Macedonia   
     and Achaia.

1:8  For from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in 
     Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith to  
     Godward is spread abroad;

Why is it that the Apostle Paul keeps referring to the region of
'Macedonia AND Achaia'  as if  the people of the regions are the
same? Why does he NOT say 'Macedonia and GREECE'? 

Because  Greece (regions, city-states, and  colonies) were under
Roman  jurisdiction,  those  areas  had  been  broken  down into 
smaller areas for better  administration by the Roman Empire. In
the same  way,  the Greek  city-states  of the  south were under
different  jurisdiction  than  the  Greek regions  of the north.

The  Apostle  Paul, also  refers to  their  faith  being 'spread
abroad'. Does this mean that the  people of Macedonia and Achaia
felt  that they  were  ONE, and  regions OUTSIDE  those two were
referred to as 'abroad'? 

How come the regions around Macedonia  are GREEK,  yet FYROMians
disagree about  Macedonia's  nature? Epirus, and Asia Minor were
Greek.  So  was the city of  Byzantium (Constantinople),  not to
mention regions around the Mediterranean, such as Sicily.

I don not  know  why we  take the  time to  even  respond to the 
FYROMian  claims, since  they  are not based  on  ANY historical
evidence!  We do  have the  misfortune of having people read the
propaganda  posted by  historical  revisionists. For that reason
alone  we must  inform the public of the history as it HAPPENED,
and not how General Tito would like us to believe happened.