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Constantinople: Images

Images of the September 6-7 1955 Massacres of Constantinople.


Few salvaged icons, articles, and candle stands remained after the pillaging and burning of the Church of Euaggelistrias Propodon.

The destruction of the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen. The picture indicates the severe damage caused to the inside of the temple.

A picture of the few articles that remained after the fire on the Church of Euaggelistrias Propodon.

The graves of the great donors and benefactors, after the concerted inhuman assault of the Turkish tomb violators.

One of the many thousands of Hellenic vehicles destroyed by the mobs.

A front view of a burnt Hellenic home. The Turks burned and destroyed more than 2,600 Hellenic homes, in their attempt to eradicate the local Hellenic population.

The entrance of the Ecumenical Patriachate guarded by Turkish soldiers. Patriarch Athenagoras I and other clerics, were held under confinement inside the building like hostages.

The Abbot of the monastery of the Life-Spring (Zoodoxou Pigis) receiving treatment at the Balikli Hospital, after the torture he suffered in the hands of violent Turkish vandals.

The priest of the monastery, Evangelos Mastorakis, at the same hospital after his battery and injury.

The Holy chapel of the monestary of the Life-Spring (Zoodoxou Pigis), where the source of the healing water is located. The chapel is seen hacked in pieces. Another salient proof of the gushing anti-Hellenic hatred that gnaws the soul of Turks - even today.

The right wing of the church of the Patriarchate (southern side of the church of St. George). The ground is full of thrown stones and broken glasses from the raid.

Patriarch Athenagoras weeping in the rubble of the destroyed church of Saints Constantine and Helen Ypsomatheion.

The court of the Patriarchal chambers occupied by mechanized army forces, sent to "protect" the Patriarch and the staff of the Patriarchate.

Turkish Army detachments surrounded the Patriarchate to "guard" against further destruction.


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