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Constantinople: Human Cost

The elimination of a minority.

The events of 1955 were the barbaric means with which the Turkish government aimed for the elimination and Ethnic Cleansing of the Hellenic community in Turkey.

The cost to the community was momentous. Out of the half million Hellenes that lived in Constantinople in the 1920's, only some 3,000 mostly senior citizens exist today.

The Ethnic Cleansing was accomplished by gradual political prosecution, as well as pure mindless violence. On September 6th and 7th 1955, the goal of the Turkish state became ever more evident. These are just a few of the horrors the Hellenes of the city lived through:

Destroyed Homes 2,600
Destroyed Businesses 4,340
Destroyed Hotels 110
Destroyed Pharmacies  27
Churches Burnt to Ground 38
Churches Destroyed 35
Destroyed Newspapers  3
Destroyed Athletic Organizations 5

The above of course does not even include the hundreds of murders, nor the more than 200 rapes. The extent of the animal barbarism of the Turks does not even end there. With a crazed passion, they set to destroy everything that was Hellenic. Tombs and thousand year-old temples and monuments were included on their list of destruction.

The Turkish barbarism is still alive today, and growing ever larger like a malevolent tumor. The barbarism against the Hellenes in 1955 was not an isolated event. Genocide's and massacres of entire populations have been practiced by the Turks in the entirety of this century.

The bitter taste of Turkish barbarism has been the experience of Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Alewis, Hellenes of Asia Minor, Hellenes of Constantinople, Hellenes of Cyprus, Hellenes of Imbros and Tenedos, Pontian Hellenes, Kurds, and a large number of smaller minorities, all within this, the 20th century.


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